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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Lao Thaï - Paris 13th

Lao Thaï 

128, rue de Tolbiac

75013 Paris

Tél : 01 44 24 28 10

Fermé le mercredi

Métro : Tolbiac

The Pitch
It's one of the restaurants recommended by so many people that it's considered an institution in the 13th arrondissement. It serves Laotian and Thai cuisine. Looking at the menu I got the impression that it was essentially Laotian, but when I called they told me quite the contrary. In any case, they are from Laos. I still have a lot of things to taste before I make my definitive decision, but it was very good, with a family atmposphere.

I'll be honest: one thing I don't like is when waiters give you a story to give you a table for two in a restaurant that is two-thirds empty under the pretext that a group might suddenly burst in and fill the restaurant. I got away from him right away and got in good with the owner, who was very nice and came over personally to give us suggestions. She was lovely, as was the second waiter. The first waiter was not unpleasant or mean, but should have been more flexible, on a slow week day evening at 9:15 PM.
Other than that, I'm happy I finally went and look forward to exploring the menu in more depth.

The Meal
Thai iced tea

Seafood dumplings

Spicy dried beef with sticky rice

Sorry, no pictures for the rest :
- duck in coconut milk
- homemade mango ice cream


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