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Friday, September 17, 2010

Ramona - Paris (75020)

Chez Ramona
17, rue Ramponneau
75020 Paris
Tél :
Open in the evenings from Tuesday to Sunday.

The restaurant
Ramona is a specialist of Iberian foods and has been welcoming us in her delicatessen-restaurant for 35 years. Her daughter Cuca (see photo) has taken over the kitchen.

Plan to spend €25-30 per head for a meal with wine included.
Enjoy the freshness and authenticity.
For starters 8 of us shared: ham plate (superb), chorizo plate (impeccable), tortilla (awesome), garlic calamari (top notch).
Then the dishes: perfect paella according to the 4 people who had it and as for me I followed Ramona’s suggestion and had a sole and what a sole! Gorgeous!

My whole sole and the paella for 4
(I only had my mobile on me so I took crappy pictures but they’re still cool to have as the dishes are good.)

Ramona had shown me the 4 soles in her fridge saying ‘ I have superb soles, bought this morning’.
I regularly spend my holidays in a port in Brittany so I was excited to get such fresh fish in a Parisian restaurant. And, very important, it wasn’t completely covered in sauce as so much fish often is in France. This sole was uncomplicated like a Brazilian bbq by the sea or a Mediterranean sea-bass drizzled with olive oil: it was simply flavored with garlic and served with boiled potatoes. To die for!
We finished with an excellent (which doesn’t happen that often to be honest) Aguardiente. We had a few rounds of it. Maybe you can tell from the tone of this review.

Decor not suitable for guests with heart condition

The back-story
A friend had mentioned it out as a venue to check out and knowing him I was sure not to be disappointed. We had shown up one evening but unfortunately, for us, a group had booked the whole place up. We left six pence none the richer.
In the meantime I had done an internet search and was very surprised by Google’s prolixity on such a little joint (no disrespect Ramona). The shop front looks like some kind of off-licence and is on rue Ramponneau (which is not exactly the Champs-Elysées or Belleville). The warm atmosphere of this restaurant for people in the know was praised.
Well I wasn’t disappointed and had an excellent evening. Definitely a ‘certified 716 address’ !


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