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Monday, March 21, 2011

La lune de Jade - Paris (75009)

The 1st visit

La Lune de Jade
62, rue de Dunkerque
75009 Paris
Tel : 01 53 20 06 08
Closed Sunday

The back story
As you know, I like La Lune de Jade a lot. It's calm, good and the food is presented well.
The other day I needed a calm place to have a conversation, where I could feel like home. So I went to the Lune de Jade Saturday night, there was only us. When you know the place and you know you don't have to worry if it's empty, it's perfect. Otherwise I would understand an empty restaurant on a Saturday night could be a bit scary.

The meal
I have almost tried the whole menu, but I was still a bit afraid of the oyster sauce omelette. So let's go! The husband who is in the kitchen comes out to ask : "are u sure? it's really special", his wife adds "but all the Taiwanese students who come here love it because it's a typical meal from Taïwan".

It's super sweet, but it's very original. There are also some oysters inside, but I have to admit I didn't eat them all. I'm not sure I would eat all this after a New Year's Eve, but it's really interesting.

Homemade raviolis with pork
They're homemade, once a week. I wasn't so impressed. The raviolis were ok, but I thought they could have been more tasty or having more aromatic herbs.

Seafood with black pepper
That's one of my favourite meals in this restaurant, the black pepper, the pepperonis and the heat of the hot plate transform this frozen seafood and manage to give it life and taste! A real success!

Curty pork chop
This is good too, it's served with sesame seeds.

In addition to the rice, we also ate some vegetables boiled, with dry beef, regularly recommended by the owner, it makes a real difference with the rest of the lunch.

The verdict
3 Tsingtao beer or 5 I forgot, 2 entries 2 main plates with 2 side dishes: 23 euros per person, exatly the price I'm ready to pay to eat well cooked products with a bit of alcohol and in a quiet atmosphere, like home.


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