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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Gourmet - Paris (75018)

Gourmet (anciennement Green Light)
83, rue Rochechouart
75009 Paris
Tél : 01 40 23 02 82
Open Monday to Saturday Samedi from 12h to 22h30

Gourmet (formerly Green Light)

Because I created a special posting on the tapes they play at Gourmet, here is the link so that you can listen to the music as you read the review, as if you were there !

The back story
Gourmet is pretty unique.
First of all it’s Pakistani.
Saghir the chef was explaining that he couldn’t recommend another good one in La Chapelle because ‘La Chapelle is Indian’. I didn’t know that it was so specific.
Secondly it’s a little caterer that doesn’t look like much but who’s work I respect.
I must admit that it took me a while to go in but once I discovered the place and it’s cuisine I found a really good deal.
The front is a bit grim and you can still see the ’Vicky’ and ‘Green light’ sign boards from previous owners…But you have to go in !

The restaurant
There’s two of them, Latif on the floor and Saghir in the kitchen. Latif can seem on a completely different planet, but –sometimes- connection is made.
I asked Saghir if he could teach me Pakistani cooking. Not only did he answer yes without hesitation but he also did things properly. We met at 10h30 for the vegetables (I had to come back for the rice and meat), it lasted 2 hours and he gave me all the proportions and little tips, he gave me all his savoir-faire (know-how) which was very touching.

As I was in the kitchen I can guaranty that it’s clean.
The rule here is to cook the three same dishes every day. So no preparation sits in the fridge for 3,4 days like it happens in bigger restaurants. Everything is cooked on the day or in the evening for the next day. Useless to say that he is constantly cooking the same dishes over and over again.

The Cuisine
The lentils (it takes a long time : 1.5 hours)

The vegetables (he uses frozen vegetables that he customises with spices. It works !)

The result €6. The meat is prepared on the day by the next door butchers.

The naans are cooked in a wood coal oven.

You stick them on the side of the oven.

Done !

I’ve finally had an explanation for cheese naans. They put Vache qui rit (Laughing Cow) and when I asked if they had them in Pakistan he said that the cheese was too expensive. So over there it’s either plain Naan, patatoe or meat Naan.

And to top it all you can enjoy a Mango Lassi.


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