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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Casa Palenque - Paris (75015)

Casa Palenque
22, rue de l’Arrivée
75015 Paris
Tél :
Open from 8am to midnight from Monday to Saturday
the website

I had mentioned their relocation from rue Saint Maur to rue de l’Arrivée, in front of the gare Montparnasse, and made sure that their Caipirinhas were still amongst the best in Paris (with their new outside space it works) but I still hadn’t been back for a meal. It’s now done and I feel like saying “Caramba, they’ve done it again!’

The pitch
The name suggests family and home. And not just for me, because I know them, everyone gets treated the same, you feel comfy in one of the best Mexicans of Paris and also one of the nicest restaurants of the city.
€107 for 3 with appetizers, a starter and a main with a bottle of wine.

The prices have gotten heavier by a few euros with the relocation from the 11th to the 15th. This wasn’t spurred by the boss’ sudden desire to create a money-spinning machine but by the realities of Parisian rent and of a changeover from a small restaurant on rue Saint Maur to a big brasserie in the heart of Montparnasse.
However the menu presentation is quite helpful in that the dishes go from the cheapest to most expensive.
What’s for sure though is that it’s still as good and it’s very unlikely that you’ll have tasted something similar in the capital yet. If ever you have, please do let me know, I’d love to check out other top notch Mexican - as well as Central or South American- eateries.

The decor
It’s unavoidably a little odd for the moment. You don’t transform an impersonal ‘trendy-slick’ restaurant ‘boasting’ plasma screens and facing Montparnasse into a Mexican family casa, well…not over night that is.
But since the spring’s emergency opening it’s warmed up considerably and we’re starting to feel at home again. I really like the outside space and the layout inside is very original. And since originality creates personality, I’m sure it will become a hot spot in no time. The rue Saint-Maur regulars have started to come and are mingling with the tourists, it’s going to work…

The meal
So… that evening.

Antojitos Mexicanos for 2 pers., €12.
We were 3 and had enough.
Let me be honest : Madame Riojas introduced all the ingredients and sauces and I remembered nothing. A blogger’s commitment to constant note-taking hasn’t sunken in yet. What matters to me is to eat well and take pleasure in the meal. I was just too hungry this time and wanted to enjoy it.

Main course
Chile relleno de queso
Chile poblano (from the Puebla region): a whole pepper stuffed with melted cheese and coated with tomato sauce, wow! So good…
Vegetarian dish for €12, new on the menu, delicious and ideal for diner.

I’m sorry that I still can’t afford a better camera. I’ve often been told that my pictures could be better and I agree but when I see what other bloggers use I think that it’s no wonder that their pictures are better focused on the varied textures to be found on a same plate, particularly in low light. Unfortunately my compact cannot achieve that.
All this to say that the pic of my chilli relleno probably won’t make it to the international festival of photojournalism (1) but what matters is that it was a killer !

Impossible to have a dessert after that. The bill please !

I’m trying to find the ultimate sentence that would say it all.
Casa Palenque is a killer Mexican that offers the certainty of a unique human and culinary experience.

(1) Visa Pour l’Image in Perpignan


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