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On 716 que je vois la vie, I recommend restaurants (716 Food), music (716 Music) & I propose my special Paris Tours (Le Vrai Paris).

I have eaten and have paid my meals in all the restaurants recommended here."


716, what's this ?

My dj name was dj7 but when I started a blog "" was taken. So I was looking for something that starts with dj7 : dj7, ..., hum, then dj716 came up !
Because 7-1-6 in french is written : "sept-un-six" which sounds like "c'est ainsi" which means "This is the way it is".
My punchline 716 que je vois la vie means "That's the way I see the life".

I started by my food blog. Having always worked in the music field, I would do something related to music too but I didn't know how to proceed and how to link it to my food blog.
After a while it became natural and I created 716 Music. It's in english because I know there are as much french readers than readers from foreign countries.

I do Private Paris Tours : Le Vrai Paris.

You'll find all the 716 universe on