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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Le Beurre Noisette - Paris (75015)

Le Beurre Noisette
68, rue Vasco de Gama
75015 Paris
Tél : 01 48 56 82 49
Closed Sunday & Monday
Métro : Lourmel

The back story
It's a very good table hold by the chef Thierry Blanqui. It had been reccomended to me by someone working in the tourism field and living in the 15th arrondissement so she was used to invite her clients in the good tables of the area.
I quickly checked on the web before going and saw the spot as been included in the Fooding guide. The problem I have with this guide sometimes, it's not the proper quality of the food served in the spots they recommend but more the atmosphere and the service. It's hard to know while reading the chronicles if you're gonna be received by cool people or some jerks.
About the le Beurre Noisettes, I was think : I definately have to go.

The restaurant
It's well decorated even if it's quite minimal. In some places I think the tables are a little bit too close from one another. But the day I came, there wasn't any loudy people so that was ok.
What impressed me when I came in it's that I was immeditaley wecome by a smily hello from the girl behind the counter. Then our waiter had a cool head. What does "cool head" mean ? Honestly I cant' say, just someone not arrogant, someone you think it's easy to get on with.

The meal
Oysters browned with pork's feets and chorizo
I have toi say I was a bit scary it would be too heavy but that was perfectly ok, on the moment. It's more during the afternoon that I had a not so ok digestion. but honestly I can't blame the freshness of any ingredient, it's just it was a bit heavy for me too much this day. But I don't have any regret, it was extremely original and the oysters were perfectly cooked. Plus 4 oysters, it's quite a lot ! (onlly 2 on the pix)

Velouté de céleri au foie gras
Cream of celery soup with foie gras
The person who took it enjoyed it a lot

Seabass with artichokes from Brittany (the famous french region for artichokes)
The fish was exactly cooked as I like, medium-rare, almot al dente. The artichokes were very good too but I had the regret there wasn't any more. I had 3 in my plate, it was not enough for me. So I asked the waiter if I could get some more, he immeditaly accepted and came back quickly with a small ovenproof dish full of them. He explained me these artichokes were very expensive that's why they didn't put more.

Pineapple with coconut icecream
Very light and fruity dessert, exactly what I like to end a lunch, especially one like this.

It's a good address ! It's good and the team was friendly. I have to check it again. For a 45 euros meal, it's definately one of my favourite with Les Fougères and Itinéraires.

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