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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Deux fois plus de piments - Paris (75011)

Deux fois plus de piments (twice the chilli)
33, rue St-Sébastien
75011 Paris
Tel : 01 58 30 99 35
Open every evening
Closed for lunch on Wednesday, Friday and Sunday

Note of March 16 : please keep in mind that the place is still a great option as you read on.
A couple amongst my friends got sent away last Friday.
So here are two additional details :
- you have to book on Friday and Saturday
- there’s a student on the floor and the bosses are in the kitchen. So when something doesn’t go according to plan there is no manager to rectify it. There’s two of them rotating on the floor and one is more ‘on it’ than the other.
On one occasion I ate the whole of my meal by a table of 4 that hadn’t been cleared, I wasn’t too impressed. I asked her if she intended on clearing, she replied that: no.
I think that other people coming here for the first time might have been put off…

The original review of March 4 :

The restaurant
Located on rue Saint-Sébastien, it was opened by a young couple. They are both in the kitchen and a young woman, not always the same one, helps them out on the floor (she can sometimes be a bit lost but in general things run ok). He came to France at the age of 21 and learnt to cook in China with his family who apparently includes a few ‘cordon bleus’. So this is family cooking as opposed to what you learn in books (not that I have anything against the latter but when you’re dealing with the first it shows in the plate).
It is also quite different from other Chinese restaurants or caterers where the owners don’t have the finger on the suppliers or the menu. Here it’s the parents who loaned the money to make it possible. The result? A young clientele Chinese or otherwise and a smile-inducing cuisine to share between friends.

The meal
As you may guess from the name, it’s spicy! You’ll be served specialties from Szechuan, one of the 8 great Chinese cuisines, well-known for its spiciness.
Saying that, there are a few ‘easy’ dishes so don’t hesitate to ask for advice.

The time I brought my camera along they had run out of raviolis but they have to be tried: an absolute treat!

Cold beef salad

Cold noodles

Spicy beef soup

Oops, I forgot the exact name (but it’s beef and it’s good)

And the ending was beautiful too : €24 per head for all that plus 2 sticky rice and 2 big bottles of Tsing Tao (65cl).
Next time I’ll taste the two dishes in the middle of the menu, the ‘Mao’ (another beef soup) and the ‘Mix’ which is a vegetable assortment served in bowls.

A very good venue that also happens to be young and friendly.


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