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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Fong Lai - Paris (75011)

Fong Lai
24, rue Jean-Pierre Timbaud
75011 Paris
Tél : 01 47 00 05 32
Closed Sundays
Food is served from 12h to 15h and from 19h to 22h30, but the restaurant is open nonstop.
Métros : Oberkampf, République

The pitch
A restaurant from Hong-Kong open for 20 years. You could be stopped by the general outside aspect but don't get wrong : everything is cooked here, the kitchen is in the back, you see a bit what's happening over there and you can hear food being fried and suddenly the meals come and find their place behind the small window.
You can order by phone and come to pick up your meals.

The restaurant
It's a small place where there is a big turn-over without being crowded. It's in a quiet part of the Jean-Pierre Timbaud street, people come but don't cluster together.
The large clientele is a guarantee the freshness of the meals, if there would be a need to confirm it.
Actually it's a whole family here : the grandmother, her daughter and her own husband and their daughter.
You can easily recognize the grandma with her apron, always quick, her daughter and her granddaughter are very friendly and a bit more specialized in the service :)
The clientele is quite diverse, let's say from 20 to 55 and you can feel people like to come here. It's a popular spot that remains quiet.

The meal
Chicken pineapple, fried noodles and eggplant with shrimp.
It's a bit fatty, but honestly nothing to complain about, it's saucey but we don't care, it's good.
It won't stay on your stomach all afternoon. It's well done, everything rules, that's a nice lunch break.

The verdict
A place which is good to know, especially when you walk in the neighbourhood at lunchtime for example, especially for those who work in the quarter or if you wanna eat a bit before going to a show at the Bataclan club. Not the tip of the century, but effective and honest.
I have heard a lot about the specialty they serve on Friday, but I haven't tried it myself : salmon with coriander, it's a little more expensive than the usual daily meal, but we're speaking about less than 7 euros. Apparently "ça part comme des petits pains" (they're sold very quickly) so the usual clients reserve their meal the day before or the same morning.


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