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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Michi - Paris (75002)

Les sushis de Michi
58, rue Sainte-Anne
75002 Paris
Tel :

french version

Korin was renamed Michi after the arrival of the new chef.
I didn’t know this when I first went after reading François Simon’s enthusiastic review. We were rudely sent away under the pretext that the restaurant was full. Paul Simon had mentioned the gentleness of the service so I was very unimpressed…
I went back and was told that the owner had changed. The waitress even apologized about my previous visit explaining that a client had upset the chef. This is generally the kind of thing that sits on my stomach. Anyway…

Once you factor in the strict opening times and the tiny size of the restaurant you’re in for a feast!
The lunchtime menus are good value (from €13 to €17) but the evening ones start at a very minimum of €25 and are not for me, personally.
Having said that, real Japanese sushi at an affordable price is extremely rare in Paris and this one is worth checking out…every now and again.

Note that customers eat either on the counter or in the little basement room.


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