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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Georges - Paris (75002)

1, rue du Mail
75002 Paris
Tel :
Open from Monday to Friday lunch and diner (booking advised).

We’re talking about a classic here.

The pitch
If you’re able to spend €60 painlessly this is a wicked restaurant where you eat pig’s nose salad, followed by a Georges-style sole and profiterolles. (1)

There are many pictures so I’m putting the review on its own to spare your iPhones.

The restaurant
It’s located in an area that I love particularly, around the Place des Victoires. It’s trendy, calm and beautiful all at once! The Georges sits majestically, unimpressed by the cool-indie-skinny fashion surrounding it.
By entering Georges you make a few choices: the one of darkness over light for instance, apart from the two first tables the rest of the restaurant is quite dark when the square (Place des Victoires) is often very sunny. You come to Georges because you’re after something solid and established as opposed to the fleeting sun and trends of the outside world.

The Meal
It's a menu like you dont see any more.

The starters
As stated in the pitch the pig’s nose salad is a knock out, as well as the terrine. Slight disappointment with the boiled eggs and mayonnaise (I couldn’t see the point in putting bland tomatoes on the side and the mayonnaise wasn’t quite vibrant and light enough for me) but I was happy nonetheless since my neighbour took the pig’s nose salad bowl: there was plenty for two.

The main courses
For our main courses we had fish: Georges-style sole with cream and white wine as well as a grilled turbot with béarnaise sauce : spot on!

The desserts
We had profiteroles and a tarte Tatin (2). It’s pretty simple here: just get your taste buds to remember the exquisite flavours that these desserts evoke and that’s what you’ll get!
(Sorry about the picture, the Tatin was being a bit shy).

It’s phenomenal! If you want to eat old-school French cuisine and indulge in some food sensations that’ll make you travel around the country. But you have to be able to cough out €50 which doesn’t happen every day, or every month…

1) Choux pastry, filled with cream and topped with melted chocolate
2) Upside down apple tart with caramel


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