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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Les Routiers - Paris (75018)

Les Routiers
56 bis, rue Marx Dormoy
75018 Paris
Tél :
Closed on Sundays

The pitch
As good as ever and we keep asking for more !

The restaurant
It’s been owned and managed by the same couple for 45 years, let’s hope it’ll continue for as long as possible.
Old-school French cooking offering giant portions at very sweet prices. The restaurant is consistently filled with an eclectic clientele of curious food lovers waiting for their dish with joyous appetite.

The meal
Home-made courgette and tuna tart.
Very good ! Successful mise en bouche ! Over.

Shrimp oeufs cocotte (2)
I didn’t have it this time but know them well : impeccable ! Do you often see oeufs cocotte on menus ? I know I don’t.

Leg of lamb with braised chicory.
It looks like the real deal and it is !

Veal head with ravigote sauce.
You can start the Queen of the Night aria or some Puccini because this one hit all the perfect notes! Delicious meat, cooked to perfection…

And the sauce, ouch……… a real ‘ravigote’ with capers and cornichons, by the book !

When faced with something of this nature I have to call on La Callas.


Home made (obviously…) apple tart

A few examples of dishes on neighbouring tables.
Andouillette to the left, braised ham with apples on the right.

The ‘epicurean’ salad (seriously?!!??)
I suspect that a grumpy vegetarian could take you to court after eating a dish like that.
The neighbour savouring it commented: duck has no cholesterol!
Note : I still hadn’t understood that putting the white balance on ‘sun’ would give me the best light but it was worth leaving the picture so that you could see this.

At the end of shift, when hardly anyone was left, this adorable couple sat to enjoy their nightly digestif.

All this made me forget to mention prices. The dishes you’ve seen here were all in the £17 menu (starter-main-dessert).

The Routiers are still on the go ! And in the race more than ever !

(1) Lorry driver (or trucker in the US).
(2) an egg cooked in a little ramequin, on top of other ingredients.

TF1 a fait un sujet sur les restaurants routiers et à cette occasion on y voit mes tours gastronomiques filmés dans le restaurant Les Routiers justement.

716 appeared on french TV in a documentary about the truck drivers restaurants.
You can watch my gastronomic tours filmed at the restaurant Les Routiers.

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  1. This was a great recommendation. Certainly not the kind of restaurant you'd expect in the area, but it really is worth the metro ride or walk there. We couldnt finish our plates, but were really happy with the food. All in all, a great evening.