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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Itinéraires - Paris (75005)

the french version

5, rue de Pontoise
75005 Paris
Tel :
Open from Tuesday to Saturday, from lunch to diner
Menu at €36 (starter-main-dessert)

The story
When recently asked to give my Parisian top 3 I placed this one in the French section. Why though? I had only eaten there once but had been impressed by the quality of the food and also the area, I like that bit of the rue de Pontoise. I then recommended it to two couples amongst my friends who were very pleased with their meal.
So I decided to go back to confirm my first review and also take better pictures.

The pitch
A very good restaurant in which you have to spend a bit more than just a menu if you want to fully enjoy the experience. The glass of wine is at €6, just to give you an idea.
The service was as I had left it: very professional for some members of staff and a bit clumsy for others but always well-intentioned. It’s a little noisy in the kitchen and you might prefer more calm, at the same time it gives life to the place.
The cooking revisits well-known classics but also tries out lovely new ideas without a trace of affectation.
Good team work makes for a dedicated service but you leave without having formed a bond with any particular waiter. I guess it’s part of the charm.

The décor
An elegant and spacious room with pale beige, grey and brown tones. A pleasant and unpretentious interior.

The meal
Let’s get on with it!

Spring vegetable terrine with condiments, carrots, goat cheese powder hazelnut oil. I didn’t have it but my friend was very pleased.

A squid ink risotto with ginger
This was a marvel, the italian exercise perfectly executed. A kind of risotto you could eat for breakfast and the squid was pretty and proud.

Main course
Mullet, fennel gratin, mint, parmesan.
The fish was well cooked and exquisite- mullet is a great fish! As far as I’m concerned the gratin was too salty but the person accompanying me really liked it. When the waitress came round to see if everything was ok I mentioned it politely. A while later I was really hoping that the chef hadn’t been offended but she assured me that the chef finds feedback helpful. Nice one.

Do not be put off by my few comments. I confirm (and sign) that this is my best suggestion in the ‘good fancy food’ department. Among the others I tested in the same price range, this one’s cooking really did it for me.
You get regional ingredients and recipes as well unaffected inventiveness in a plate. It would be even better if the service was a touch more personal.


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