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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Lahore Kebab House - London

Lahore Kebab House
The french version is → here
2 Umberston Street (off Commercial Road)
London E1 1PY
Tél : 020 7481 9737 - 020 7481 9738

A video shoot in the kitchen is being edited and will be posted soon.

This is my english, it's not perfect but I guess it will be enough to make you understand how good the food is :)

Le pitch
On of the most famous pakistanese restaurants of London. Hugo Mendez & his friends confirmed that Brick Lane was full of crap indian restaurants.
Lahore has been opened in 1971. It's often busy and croweded so sunday night around 19, 20 is a good option.
They serve also certain dishes only from wednesday to sunday.
Lahore is the capital of Penjab and the second biggest city of Pakistan after Karachi with 7 million of inhabitants.

Le restaurant
It's spacious and clean. Without being very warm, it's not cold neither. For the decoration it's close to some asian restaurants of Paris : clean but no fancy.

It smells like everyone is happy here. There are lots of pakistanese people but the general crowd is very diverse like those two policemen having their break.

Le repas
You could easily get lost because everything sounds so good but the menu is quite short. I let Hugo Mendez choose for us cause he knows the menu as much as his record's collection.
For the veggies, there is a green V in front of each vegetarian meal.

Let's start. A vegetable plate : tomatoes, onions, peperroni, cuncumbers, you grab vegetables with one hand and you put one of the two salsas on the chapatis.

The real entry is here : grilles lambchop : mamma mia !
It has some flavours of honey, apricot, spices, wood.

It's a while carrousel !
Sorry for some pix but the light came from little bright spotlights and it was hard to get the focus.

- Spinachs with cheese (Saag Paneer)
It's a mix of spinaches and spices wit some some Paneer (cottage cheese).
This one was one of the best, the flavour of spinach was just incredible.

- chicken curry

- The recommendation of Sajid, our waiter : the "lamb curry" which is only served from wedensday to sunday.

-Bindi (Okra)
Okras, also called "lady fingers".

- Unfortunately I didnt taake any pictures from the Chana Masala which is a super good meal with chickpeas.

One rice for all us 5 was enough.

With that kind of dinners, nothing is left in the plates.

For the dessert, it was also recommended by Sajid : Ras Malai, but he told me it was complicate to tell me precisely what was inside
I checked on the web and found a recipe. It's a bit hard for me to translate so i put you the recipe here.
Its true that indian or pakistanese desserts served in restaurants are often very sweet and creamy. Around the table people weren't big fans and that's why i was the only one to have one (also because i couldn't leave London without trying everything possible in that place).
It was sweet but quite original and light. I iked it.

The conclusion
Well, I'll pass the address to all my friends who'll go to London and I hope this post will contribute to the success of your next trip over there.
Honestly I already talked around me about this address and lots of people told me : "great ! because this is hard to find a good place to eat in London." I have to say, this is not because "english food" would be bad, it's mostly because when you wanna eat a good meal in London, it's often too much expensive for tourists. Lots of travellers will be very happy to get that kind of tip.
If you live in London, you can also take away the specialties.
Long life to Lahore, 40 years more would be great.


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