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Thursday, September 23, 2010

London with Hugo Mendez

Ok so here we are. After our food & music ride video in Paris, Hugo Mendez of Sofrito invited me back to London for the Sofrito party and also to make me discover some authentic food places he likes.

The 3 restaurants
- Fish Central (fish)
- Lahore (
- Mangal

The full trip
Here i am London, i'm back.

A jamaïcan curry goat to celebrate my venue.

Let's go to the Sofrito office, just above the club.

The fabulous artwork of Lewis. Originally from Nottingham he started to work with them after he did this poster for a Sofrito gig in Nottingham.
The Sofrito team just said : ok, let's work with this guy !
He also did artworks for Soundway and Analog Africa.

This is the poster for tonite's party

The club

Before & After

Now it's time to work.
Grant, the barman, is preparing his special Sofrito cocktail with 4 types of Rhum.

Party time, it's hot but i'll put some videos asap because my pix are not so good.


Next day, we meet Quantic & Jack Yglesias from The Heliocentrics. While i'm inside their house, my attention focused on the concert in the park just outside, I recognize the sound of Bombaestero.
Wouahou I did a subject about the new colombian music scene for Radio Canada, speaking about Quantic & Bombaestero. And now i just meet the two at the same time : life can be nice !

So I just went out and listened to their great show.

Ariana (Quantic's wife), Luzmira (Jack'wife), Hugo, Quantic & myself in the park.

Quantic & Hugo speaking about music.

Now let's go to eat ! The famous pakistanese place : Lahore Kebab House.

You got to arrive just before the rush, 19.30 is a good time.

So many great meals and there are some specials on Sunday, miami !

Even the policemen don't know which one to choose.

Starter : lambchop

A festival of plates


Look at this rice !

This is the end...

Then the Bar 23, a cool bar in a turkish area.


Monday, we go back to Sofrito's office. There is a cool bar on the top of the building, it's called The Second Floor.

Time for a sane breakfast.
It's hold by 2 italian brothers, Luigi & Enrico, originally from Sardenia.

They do a super nice Bruschetta which is rare in Paris cause people like to make money with selling bullshit for 7 euros.

And a greek salad.

Monday night is turkish time : the special mixed grill from Mangal

With an Efes Draft

End of the trip, before I leave, Hugo takes me to a good Fish & Chips "Fish Central" which now does not only the Fish and Chips but also some nice grilled fishes.

Super top calmars

On our way back, we just passed in front of the swimming pool where they shoot the hammam fighting scene in Eastern Promises.

I am writing now all the reviews about each restaurant and some cool videos are about to come.
Et bien sûr, je vais envoyer la version française. Mais je voulais que les personnes citées dans cet article puissent le lire rapidement.
See you soon !


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