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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Berlin with Headman

The french version is → here

I'm happy, Headman gave me his last mix but he also recommended 3 restaurants he likes when he is in Berlin.
Relish, le label d'Headman

His recommendations of restaurants in Berlin
1) Bonfini
Memhardstrasse, 3
10178 Berlin
Tél : +49 30 24 72 66 70
le site
Very nice place to hang out and eat a plate of pasta.
It used to be the main spot in Mitte a few years ago, where you could also go late
to have just an espresso and an averna.
As mitte is changing loads there are a few more options right now
but it's still a cool spot to hang out.

2) Grill Royal
Friedrich Strasse, 105b
10117 Berlin
Tél : +49 30 28 87 92 88
le site
If you wanna eat a very nice filet, entrecôte or steak tartare you should go to Grill Royal.
You get a nice mix of of people, a very arty nice interior and it's situated under the bridge near the river.
It might be a bit pricy if people think berlin is just cheap!

3) Transit
Sonntagstraße 28,
10245 Berlin
Tél : +49 30 26 94 84 15
It is an asian food place also in Mitte. There have been laods of new places and restaurants in that area in Mitte. They offer a very nice selection of small plates.
You can choose between shrimps, meat and vegs. Usually you are pretty full if you order 3 and some rice to go along with it.
It has a nice uncomplicated atmosphere.

Le Summer Mix

His last video

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  1. Well I don't know if I'm ever going to come to Berlin, but thank you for this guide, it's very well done!
    Please visit