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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Churrasqueira Galo - Paris (75009)

La Churrasqueira Galo
69, rue de Dunkerque
75009 Paris
Tél :
Open every day from 11am to 3pm and from 6pm to 11pm.

€9 menu : one dish with meat, rice, chips, salad and a drink.

I’m not too sure why but the Churrasqueria was on great form in early September.
- low attendance for the season. Did this allow for better working conditions?
- new chef ? I thought I spotted a new face in the kitchen.
- good atmosphere due to people just returning from their holydays?

I wasn’t able to decide. The dishes I have had about 10 million 752 thousand times were at their best that day. My febras were just perfect. The rice was also warmer and moister than usual. The mate accompanying me and who’s stomach has also welcomed a few thousand chickens here shouted out “ fuck, the chicken’s amazing today’.

So now is the time to eat killer Portuguese food guys !


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