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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Le Bistrot Montsouris - Paris (75014)

Le Bistrot Montsouris
27, Avenue Reille
75014 Paris
Tél : 01 45 89 17 05
Cloased Sunday and Monday
Métro : RER B Cité Universitaire

Le pitch
A kind of Inn/cottage close to the Parc Montsouris. If you know what to expect, then you should be able to enjoy it for what it is.

The back story
During my Paris tours with 2CV, I had discovered this isolated bistrot with its window covered with nice food guide stickers.
There were 3 kind of reviews on the web : "it's cool but a bit desolated", "it's nice", "it's good but it's not terrific".
Anyway I would check by myself.

Le restaurant
When you come in, it's really like a country side Inn. I had first impression it was a bit sad. I hesitated beween seating close to the noun or leave to find a warmer place (it was snowing outside). Finally we stayed and we took the right decision.

Le repas
Oeufs cocotte aux truffes
It's true that once you did it home you know it's easy to make. But anyway those ones were very good. I said to the chef it wasn't the period for the truffes, he told me he kept some on the side.

Monkfish terrine
This monkfish terrine was tasty which is not so current in Paris.

Andouillette au gratin dauphinois (andouillette served with potatoes au gratin : sliced potatoes baked with milk and browned on top)
I loved it, you could say it's easy to cook an andouillette/gratin dauphinois and we can find it in many bistrots.
Yes but : some gratins dauphinois which look like nothing, I saw many, especially one recently which deeply disappointed me : not served hot enough and with potatoes so finely sliced they don't have any taste.
That's not a gratin dauphinois ! here you can see on the picture the potatoes look like something, there is some material, it took time to brown the top.

- some "comme çi - comme ça" andouillettes, there are plenty too. This one smelt a lot (a good sign), was made with big sticks : delicious ! A real andouillette, so tasty it doesn't have to be big to fill you up.

- about the lettuce thema, I speak a lot about it all the time. There are two worlds between a sad, pre-washed lettuce, served with a no taste sauce and a real lettuce, handly cleaned and served with a home vinegar sauce that rocks. Here it was very ok.

Duck filet with gooseberries jelly and endives.

Scallops gratin, the real one, hot, perfectly browned and tasty.

Well we liked it ! It was perfect for the context : a family ride with the 2CV I work with.
Would it be ok with some friends of a for a lovers dinner ? That is the question.
But honestly speaking about food, I found it serious ! Moreover it seems to be the good address of the quarter. If you wanna change, you can still go to the 14th version of the lebanese restaurant Assannabel (I wrote about the one in the 10th).
My final phrase will be : let's come back there !


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