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Monday, March 26, 2012

Yuan Xin - Paris 75013

Yuan Xin
9, rue Philibert Lucot
75013 Paris
Tél : 01 45 85 73 16
Metro : Porte de Choisy
Closed on Tuesdays

The Pitch

There are restaurants, (or at least meals), where it's love at first bite. This is one of them! I thought I'd seen everything when it comes to traditional Cambodian/Vietnamese restaurants in Paris. Then, on the advice of Chinese acquaintances with Cambodian roots, and of Sophie of Chez P'tit Pois, I went to Yuan Xin.

It's a tiny place tucked away on a side street, with a menu that's short but sweet – more concise than I've ever seen. The clientèle that day was composed entirely of Asian diners in their 50s, chatting and enjoying their meal, and Asian businessmen eating alone. Though the restaurant has a Chinese name, my waiter confirmed that it serves mostly Vietnamese cuisine.
Let me repeat – the menu is perfect, I've never seen anything like it in an Asian restaurant like this. This lunch was a real favorite of mine.
In some of the online reviews I read, some people thought that the restaurant's specialty, Hainan chicken with rice, was a little bland, or said there's a line on busy days. I'll concede that it's possible my lunch was particularly well done. In any case, this is still a great place, I'll go back.

The meal
Steamed ‘Kampot’ dumplings with bamboo shoots, shrimp and ground pork served with a spicy sauce.

Fish soup (chopped hake) with vermicelli and coconut milk; jasmine tea.

The menu
Left Page
Top : House Specialties
Bottom : Vietnamese

Right Page
Top : Rice
Bottom : Salads


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